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Being Brave

This past week I participated in a three day online flash fiction contest. This was a huge deal for me. I’m starting to finally put my writing out there for others to read.

The competition was choosing one of three prompts each day and writing no more then 8 sentences for each, and submitting it within 24 hours.

The finalists came down to 7 people .. and I was one of them … this blew me away. The winners were then chosen by votes from group members … and I came third!!! This has been such an amazing boost of confidence and I figured ok, I’ll share them here 😊

Day 1. Prompt 2 – Her parents believe her to be their biological child, but they all learn otherwise.

‘Please help!’ Her voice was weak and ragged from the screaming.

Her parents pushed open the bathroom door, and the fist of fear tightened at the looks on their faces.

Her father was suddenly on his knees cradling his baby girl’s head in his lap.

Her mother’s hand covered her gaping mouth, head slowly moving back and forth in denial.

The pain raged through her spine and shoulder blades.

What she couldn’t see in the bathroom mirror were the wings slowly and gently flapping from out of her torn shirt.


Day 2. Prompt 1 – The graves of historic figures are being robbed.

“Stolen? huh!” Roald laughed as he nibbled off another square of his chocolate while George puffed on a cigar and Bob on a toke of marijuana.

They all lounged around the police station as several officers sat around talking about the mysterious thefts.

“I mean what could you really do with three, 20 year old cigars anyway? Not like they’d be smokable now.”

He was a young officer who suddenly shook his head as though something had just landed on it. George Burns smiled gleefully as he tapped the cigar again, over the young mans head.

“Come on, let’s go see if Humphrey is blowing up a storm yet.”

They all floated through doors and walls, smiling at the confusion left behind them.


Day 3. Prompt 1 – A man she didn’t know left her a valuable and unusual item in his Will.

“And you have no idea who he was?” Pearl picked up the plastic baggy with the small metal letter opener that was shaped as a sword.

Ivory shook her head back and forth. After two days she was still unable to keep her eyes off of the sword and too scared to touch it.

“Can I take it out?” Pearl sat down on the foot of the bed, crossed legged, a mirror to Ivory’s own position at the head.

“I guess.” Ivory’s calm words betrayed the horror of what she was seeing.

Against her own will, Ivory’s fingers reached out and took the sword carefully from Pearl’s offering fingers.

In that moment the world disappeared for Ivory, while Pearl sat confused and horrified as she looked at the empty space where her friend had once sat.


Constructive feedback is welcome 😊


My name is Neen Cohen. I'm a mother and a writer. Both are integral parts of who I am. One random day in October 2018 I decided to join a writing group and take myself as a writer seriously. I'm now published in over a dozen anthologies with several different publishes from all over the world. I write LGBTQI romance, horror and dark fantasy. While 2020 is a crazy wild ride it has also seen me publish my first collaboration of poetry with a fellow author and have had acceptances for two of my Novellas to be published. Outside of writing I'm a Whovian, Gater, Trekky and a fangirl member of the Whedonverse. I'm in love with roaming graveyards, botanical gardens and construction sites. Coffee is life, my son is my heartbeat, and my partner is my best friend and most incredible advocate. I hope you enjoying about the whirlwind of my parenting and writing and love comments and feedback. If there is anything you would like to ask, please don't hesitant in sending me a message :-D

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